What's in your Intro To Kinesthetic Intelligence Bundle?

  • What are we missing?

    VIDEO 1: Top 3 Things Health & Wellness Pros Need To Look Out for in 2021

  • What is "KI"?

    VIDEO 2: What Kinesthetic Intelligence (KI) is, how you can access and improve it, and why that's critically important.

  • KI Worksheet

    Assess your kinesthetic proficiency with these key questions designed to help you look blow the surface.

Learn to decode your body’s language: sensation

Jessie Lucas, Embodied Movement® Training

Accessing the kinesthetic, or sensory information your body can provide is essential to connecting mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s not enough to just suggest someone starts exercising or starts taking walks. Movement must be incorporated, and it also must be congruent with what is truly aligned to someone’s whole health and wellbeing. Too often people are too stuck, confused, or intimidated and just don’t move their body any more than necessary to go about their day. The other choice is to just pick something and do it, but that something might actually be contributing to the underlying issues, possibly making them worse. The key is to create conscious body practices by improving your kinesthetic intelligence - your access to your body’s sensory data, ability to decode it, and implement actions that are congruent with that data. The worksheet is designed to help you take the first few steps in this journey.
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Ready to peek below the surface?

Body awareness, sensory access, and decoding body language starts here.