Breathe. Relax. Feel. Watch. Allow.

  • 6 Full Length Yoga Classes

    Enjoy 6 different one hour flows, each designed to take you though a full range of (e)motion. All classes designed for any level of practitioner with variations offered along the way. (Hint: Class #5 is so sweetly gentle if you're looking for a dose of calm in your day!)

  • Pilates Inspired Core Sequence

    This 15 minute deep core practice has been my go-to for years. Learning the correct way to work core strength can completely change your posture and how you move! You can add this to your yoga practice, workout, or use it on it's own. These exercises can be done daily. All you need is your mat!

  • Book a Consultation

    The classes in this course are meant to be fully accessible on your own. However, we all need a little extra help sometimes! Included in this package is one complimentary private consultation to discuss your unique needs and come up with a plan that works for you!

Your Instructor

Creator of Embodied Movement

Jessica Lucas

Jessie Lucas is a movement educator and founder of the Embodied Movement Method. She helps women navigate their energetic and emotional habits that shape their physical wellbeing to reduce stress and strain in their systems, uplift their posture and energy, and create empowered health through embodied movement.   She holds a Masters Degree in Health Arts and Science and has been working in the movement, health and fitness industry since 2003.

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